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Adaptive Genetics is Proud to Announce the Release of
TAM 113

TAM 113 is a hard red winter variety with excellent drought tolerance and top end yield potential combined with a superior disease package.

TAM 113 emerges and covers the ground quickly under all conditions and recommended for irrigated, dryland, grazing and forage.

TAM 113 is resistant to leaf rust, stripe rust and stem rust.

Optimal Economic Uses

Grain Only9
Grain Plus Limited Grazing 9
Heavy Grazing Plus Grain 9
Fall Forage Production 8

Tam 113 Characteristics

Maturity Medium
Height Medium
Test Weight Good
Tillering Good
Seed Size Small

Features Advantages and Benefits

Drought Tolerance 9
Top End Yield Potential 9
Leaf Rust Resistance 9
Stripe Rust Resistance 9
Stem Rust Resistance 9
Emergence 8
Straw Strength 8
Tolerance to Acidic Soils 7

Performance results may vary from one location to another, and from year to year. Weather conditions, soil conditions and grower practices will impact the actual results. This product was developed, in part, with the support of the Texas Wheat Producers Board.

Contact Information:

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120 South Lawton Avenue
Hereford, TX 79045
Office: 806-364-4470
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Cheb Krueger, District Sales Manager
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Robert Fowler,
District Sales Manager
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